Monday, May 18, 2009

Stephen seats

Stephen can seat and is like an energy cell with two legs. He needs all our attention at every moments. Stephen starts crying in public. He did it yesterday in the bus and today in a restaurant. He is a happy baby easily catch smiling on the camera. In this picture, he is a little bite wet as the temperature raise to 30C and I need to give him water. It's almost summer and Stephen will soon be able to swim with us. Stephen give the timing of my life now. I wake up at 10:00 AM while Vic goes to work. At 11:00AM we goes out where Stephen already have many friends with the elderly living around. At 12:00AM, Stephen has his first nap for 2 hours. He then eats cereals, congee and milk. We visit our neigborought friend connie then we go out again as the weather is a pleasure. He has milk at 6:00PM then do a second nap. Around 7:00PM, it's shower time and at 9:00PM, dinner. Stephen sleeps with me at around 11:00PM after having a last milk bottle.

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