Saturday, August 29, 2009

Stephen will be 1 year old

Stephen will be 1 year old on September 13 and really, time is flying. Yesterday, he was on the combi and started to play with his hands then we changed the combi to chair and he ate with us. It has been difficult with congee but he now eats well what we provide. Now and already yesterday, he talked and walked. I suppose that's the reasons why those small children are magics. His face has changed and he is no longer a baby.

It took time before I realized that Stephen had stolen part of my freedom. I have always been with him watching out every single of his steps. A young child is really time consuming and I feel that I don't have enough time for myself moreover, my free will has been suspended to Stephen sleeping time and feeding. I was a kind of sauvage who like liberty more than any others things and I found myself carrying a baby for a year.

No pain, no gain and we have won something precious, a bigger family. Stephen came in between Vic and me. We take care of him, talk about him, talk to him, play together and eat together. He became the main subject of discussion at home. It's just the beginning but I can already feel what will be our family life for the next 20 years. Family values are very good.


  1. Stephen likes computer alreday?? Yeah, totally agree with u, family values!!!

  2. He prefers the mobile phones and camera.