Monday, September 20, 2010

A wonderful summer

Life can be exciting and bright or sad and bored. Honestly, if you never thought about children, it's time to change your opinion. Stephen brought his life and energy into our life. He likes playing and he is curious. He always asks us to go to beach. This summer was sunny without rain. Thanks Stephen who keeps my feeling very high. I will always remember when you were around 2 years old as it's a lovely time.

Life should be like that : You are a child then grow adult where you get married and have some children. This is indeed very simple and the most natural way of thinking life. Any others thinking such as I don't want to get married because men or women are too bad or we don't want child because we want to enjoy our life are not natural and nature is very generous. Thanks God. Remember that God's laws are nature's laws thus they are perfect. Childhood is pure happiness.

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