Friday, April 1, 2011

Stephen and the return of Spring

Stephen doesn't always obey so that we become more severe. He is sometimes beaten with a hanger and obviously he doesn't like it. He can also be punished and he can't use the computer in the evening. When he doesn't want to eat, I send him in the dark bedroom till he changes his mind. Stephen also likes to put his fingers into his noise. We teach him basic cleaning activities such as hand washing after toilet and teeth brushing before sleeping. He doesn't like to brush his teeth either. Stephen made a nightmare last night. He said "No happy train, there is nothing".

Swallows don't make spring but sunshine surely does. Spring is coming and we really enjoy the transition from winter. When we get use of the warm weather, the beauty is gone so the first days are truly wonderful. I can imagine that we will be in the beach in two months. Some people consider that the nature has something mythical and it's true in this season. Bright light, warm wind but not to hot and flowers.

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