Saturday, February 4, 2012

Stephen and pee pee

Stephen just had a new hair cut. It was necessary. Stephen is having his pee pee and caca period. He often says "I will pee pee on you" and other expressions like that. Stephen doesn't need english translation in school anymore. After 4 months in school, he starts to speak Chinese with teachers, friends or in the family. We just subscribed to Disney Junior Channel which mainly broadcast in Cantonese. The teachers said that he is very quite and he listens in school. Good boy !

Meanwhile we had a very busy Chinese new year. Stephen had more than a week holiday that we spent visiting family or receiving friends, eating all the time and sometimes drinking. I also started to gamble with my relatives. It was the first time and the last time as I lost 1500HK$.

I have decided to move to the version 3 of this blog. The first version was in French with meaningless content, the second version was in English with deeper thoughts but I still didn't find an audience except from my family and friends. The version 3 is then dedicated to them without looking for outsider visitors.

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