Sunday, April 1, 2012

Stephen's coaches

Stephen has two coaches and we are learning in order to guide him and some points seems to come forward as coaches
  • Educate : We have to teach him basic life manners like eating properly, brushing teeth, doing homework and drinking beer.
  • Empower : We always ask him what he wants and what does he want to do, to make some choices.
  • Forbid : Some behaviors are unacceptable and should be forbidden.
Now, those things are typically how a coach or teacher will help you. He will educate you and let you free, he will take out what is really not good or not up to the level for what you want to learn. It's normal. The conclusion is that giving a free education to your kid doesn't mean that he can do whatever he wants.

There is less communication with Stephen since we have Disney Junior Channel as he doesn't even reply to us if we talk to him while he is watching the television moreover, if he woke up before us the week end, he woke me up to switch on the television while before, he was very kind to us, staying and playing alone in the living room so that we could sleep.

One day, Stephen didn't want to go to school and he cried. He told me that it was boring. I explained to him that he has improved his Chinese because he learned in school and the purpose of school was to learn. That we were happy with the result of this school and it was a good school. Stephen stopped crying and I think he understood.

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