Monday, January 18, 2016

Linux Mint 17.3 Rosa

I just installed Linux Mint 17.3 Rosa and it works really well. Congratulation to the team behind this fantastic desktop. Most of the internet uses Linux and open source software. From freedom comes elegance says Linux Mint when you Login. Just think about the engineers working for Alsthom and the wonderful TGV. They are proud of their achievement. Isn't it ? It should be the same for the contributors of open source projects. They made the internet that billion of people use everyday.

I belong to the old school so I don't use an IDE for Web Development. Instead, I edit all my files with gedit and write native javascript, css or html. Everybody know how to use a browser nowdays. Web Development is different than Linux Mint Software Engineering. I work by progressive enhancement for development while a Software Engineer has to follow much more project management constraints.

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