Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Stephen becomes bad temper

We love Stephen so much that we follow a golden rule
Whatever makes Stephen happy is good for him
but Stephen loves so much the television that he becomes bad temper. He can shoot at us whenever something went wrong. If we switch off the television, ask him to share, ... etc. It's so bad that Sexy Mama wants to cancel the Channel while I think Stephen is still a little boy. Sometimes Stephen wants to be naughty and challenges us. He messes his homework or the living room, he paints the living room, he doesn't want to brush his teeth ...etc Stephen is hyper active.

Stephen is addicted to electronics. We call this generation the IGeneration and they deserve it. When he is not watching the television, he wants to use the computer or the IPhone if Sexy Mama is around. When we go to Pacific Coffee, he plays flash game on the computer. He likes car racing and a shark in New York.

Stephen likes to celebrate birthdays because it means presents, gifts and balloons. I will turn 40 this month and we will have a party together. I will ask him to choose a gift for me and I guess he will choose a nice thomas train, small car or a big truck in Toys'R Us.

Children can be very funny. One dinner, we ate spicy sausages. Stephen screams "Oh spicy" then he asked me for water. I gave him some water and instead of drinking the water, Stephen put the sausage in the water hoping that the burning feeling will be gone.

Stephen doesn't speak French and many people ask me why. He doesn't want to learn French at the moment and it really doesn't matter for me. We settled down in Hong Kong and I want him to speak local language: Chinese (Cantonese and Mandarin) and English. I am willing to teach him, if he likes it, he will learn but if he doesn't like it, forget about it.

Normal routine with Stephen is very simple as Stephen is in school most of the time. He woke up at 7:30AM, get his clothes, brushes his teeth and we jump into a taxi to arrive in school before 8:30AM where he has his breakfast. In the afternoon, I pick him at 4:30PM and we stop by 7/11 to get chocolate before boarding the bus home. At home, he get changed then he does his homework before watching the television. Later, we eat then he brush his teeth before sleeping at 9:30PM. We will stay in bed with him for a while reading books, playing song with the IPen or IPhone.

Someone in the park told a kid "Don't take the baby toys" talking about Stephen and Stephen replied "I am not a baby, I am a little boy" which made me smile.

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