Friday, June 1, 2012

Stephen's humour

Sun with happy smile made by Stephen

Sexy Mama prepared a famous miraculous soup for Stephen because he was coughing, Stephen after drinking deliberately cough and said that the soup was not useful. Stephen drinks Chinese soups and eats mainly Chinese food cooked by Sexy Mama when she finished working early.

We teach Stephen basic life manners, we try but we also learn an important virtue : Patience. I think that both Sexy Mama and I are more patient than a year ago because a kid is unpredictable especially when he is hyper active like Stephen.

One day, Stephen wanted a bicycle in the Park and tried to take it but two little girls didn't let him do it and beat him. Stephen was unhappy and he shouted at them then he came to see me and let me know. He had chocolate in his school bag so he took two chocolates and gave them to the little girls to make peace. It was his own idea. Also in the Park, I caught Stephen few times trying to look under a little girl dress.

Stephen is very creative. He was playing with water in the bathroom and put some water gel so there were bubble and he described to me a bubble water dispensary for the shower. He showed me the tube that go from one side of the bathroom up to the roof then goes to the shower. Very clever.

We had to punish Stephen a week without television because he beats us and it seems to work as he doesn't do it now. He is much more quiet when he uses the computer than when he watches the television and I wonder whether we will let him watch or not in the future.

Stephen went to drawing class and painted the table. The teacher asked the kids in Cantonese who did that and Stephen replied in English "I don't know what you are talking about", the teacher continued in Cantonese "Whoever did that must still have some paint on his hand so I will find him" and Stephen looked at his hands so he understood what the teacher was saying.

One day, Stephen was unhappy and said to me "I will eat your fingers" and I replied "I will bite you" we then went crescendo because Stephen added "I will bite too" and me "I will bite you so you will cry for 5 minutes" and he finished "I will bite you stronger".

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