Saturday, September 1, 2012

Stephen alias Mister Chocolate

Stephen wakes up

Stephen used to have one chocolate after school. He enjoyed it very much but Sexy Mama said few times that chocolate is not good for health. Stephen caught cold during his holidays and started saying that he didn't want to eat chocolate because it's not good for health. I tried to convince him that if he can buy it in 7/11,  he can eat it. He now eats again chocolate.

I don't get use to follow promotional campaign but Wellcome trapped me. They offer a free Angry Bird after collecting 60 stickers and Stephen really wants the Angry Bird. He already got the Black Bird and he now wants the two piggies. We always shop in Wellcome now.

Time change. Stephen raced with me on the stairways back home. He arrived first, waited for me then complained that I should go faster. I felt older that day because I used to do that to my mum when I was young.

One day, I didn't have cash in my pocket so I took 15 HK$ in Stephen savings box but Stephen saw me. He started crying and said that he was unhappy. We then went to school where Stephen mood didn't get better. He even told the teacher what happened. I am proud of him.

Stephen starts to judge us. For example, if Sexy Mama tell him to do something this way and I do it that way, he will say "Daddy you have a cross, it's not good. Mamie has a star" and it seems that our patient work starts to give fruit as now Stephen knows what is the right thing to do often even if he still challenges us.

Stephen has a lot of friends in school. Sometimes, he shows me the board with his schoolmate and says "This one is my friend, that one too ... etc or "This one is not good". After school, he wants to run with his friends and when I ask him to come home with me, he starts crying and says "It's my friend"

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