Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Stephen and Order

Sunday in Lamma Island beach

Sexy Mama has decided that Stephen needed a little bit more authority. Stephen can no longer watch the television while eating the dinner and has to pick up his toys after playing and before sleeping. She wants to do it for Stephen own good... while I think Stephen is the best to learn what is good for him on his own.

Stephen told me that Sexy Mama birthday was past and mine too so the next birthday party is for him. He wants a big chocolate cake with candles. He still has to wait for two months. Stephen birthday will be on September 13th and it's coming soon.

We went to beach with Stephen, Shek O, and Stephen played with water few hours. He was enjoying the small waves and when someone brought a ball in the water, he went to play with them. He didn't appreciate the cold shower at the end and screamed "I want to go to toilet" few times hoping that I will stop the cold shower. I forced him till he was clean. The following day, he told his teacher the wonderful day he has spent on the beach. Later in the month, we went to Repulse Bay and Lamma Island.

One night, a thunderstorm just moved over Hong Kong island and Stephen was so afraid by the sounds that he came to sleep with us. Our bed was the perfect shelter and he stay awake with the eyes wide open waiting for the next thunder. He fell asleep once the thunderstorm was gone.

A French friend who lives in Shenzhen spent three days in our home where he tried the brand new sofa bed. He played with Stephen who didn't have school because of the typhoon Vicente. After he left for holiday in France, Stephen was deeply sad when he saw him going away and understood that he was leaving. He said I miss Franck, lower his head for five minutes almost crying, put his head on my shoulder and fell asleep.

Stephen has holidays from July 25 to August 6 and Daddy is as happy as Stephen. Sometimes Stephen watches the television fascinated by what he sees and I am fascinated by Stephen fascination. His curiosity is great and I enjoy every single moment with him.

I have always dream to play cards on Saturday evening with the family. Memory of an happy childhood. I have created a simple game "Less is more" that Stephen can play. The player puts a card then says upper or lower before putting another card. If he is right he stops and the next player put a card, etc... The last player with cards wins the game. No matter simple or complicated, lottery always makes the winner when you play cards.

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