Sunday, July 1, 2012

Stephen was sick

Stephen is washing his bottle of milk

We went to Macau two days and one night. Stephen was happy the first day and a little bit naughty as usual but when Vic went out to buy more food with him, he started to miss me as I stayed in the hotel. Before sleeping, he told his mum that she should keep the light on because there may be monsters. The second day, he complained that his joins, elbows and knees where painful and asked to go back home, he had probably fever. We came back home earlier and Stephen almost spent the day sleeping on my shoulder. Stephen didn't go to school for almost one and half week. Later, he told me that he doesn't like the home in Macau because there is only one bedroom, the television isn't at the right place, there is no Disney Junior Channel and taxis are black instead of red. I replied it's not a home, it's an hotel.

Stephen is scared of the high and he never takes risks nevertheless he can see others kids in the park climbing the park slide and toys. It's a strong temptation for him so he starts to climb and call me when he can't go further or go backward. On the swing, if I push a little bit too strong, he shoots at me and asks me to stop.

Stephen can more easily express his creative power. He now can draw a train or a sun with happy face. He also uses the paint and put colors on papers without looking for special meaning. He also can use chisel to cut papers. He uses stickers for Art and sticks them to create forms. It's a good craft kid.

One night, Stephen had a nightmare and woke up at 5:30AM. He was afraid that the house will be flooded and looked through the windows few time while warning us about the coming rain. He told us that the firefighter will come and the house will be washed away with all the toys. He said to us sadly "oh no, no more   Thomas trains" and looked through the windows again. What is funny is that he said "My home will be flooded"

One morning I boiled some water for Stephen breakfast and I started to do something else. Few minutes later, Stephen came to see me and said "The water is dead already" instead of the water is boiled and ready to be used for the breakfast.

We have two storage box chairs and when it's time to go to sleep and switch off the television, Stephen put the controls of the television in the box and seat on the chair then he lets us know that we can't open the box because he will fall and get hurt.

One day, we saw and talked about an advertising with what looks like a bad man. We walked and I said "Are you a good boy ?" Stephen simulated a gun with his fingers and fired at me. I said "Oh no, you are a bad boy" and Stephen looked at me while smiling "yes".

Today is Sexy Mama birthday and Stephen said he wants to buy a big big train for mama. Happy Birthday Vic.

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